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As our pets in Howden get older they are prone to certain health conditions that are linked with age, just like us humans.

The main difference is that they are unable to tell us if they are not feeling quite right and, in some cases, our pets are quite good at hiding the signs.

As we face the colder months, some conditions can be more prevalent during this time. It’s especially important to ensure your senior pet has regular check-ups with the vet so we can spot the signs of any concerns sooner.

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Do you know how to spot the signs of some of the most common diseases affecting our older pets?

At End Cottage Veterinary Clinic we’ve pulled together some advice and a few things to look out for below. We’re here to help your pets live their happiest and healthiest lives, whatever their age.

In all cases it’s important to ensure that your pet has regular check-ups with us at End Cottage Veterinary Clinic in Howden. If you are concerned that your pet may be showing any signs or symptoms mentioned above, then please contact us for a health check.

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Spread the cost of essential healthcare for your pet

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To spread the cost of routine and essential healthcare for your pet, we offer our Pet Health for Life plan, which includes an annual health check.

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